PHARSES (Limassol)

Achilleas is situated just 10 minutes away from Paphos Harbour just past the lighthouse. The Greek vessel which exploded and sank in 1975 and now sits on a sandy bottom at 12m. This wreck is perfect for those finishing their Scuba Diver or Open Water course. It provides plenty to see whilst the sand and rock bottom cant be stirred up decreasing the visibility. The wreck broke up into 3 main sections when it exploded. Of the 3 sections, the most popular is the bronze propeller on the upturned stern and the winch. Although the stern section is upturned the side is broken open exposing the engine. The engine is still fully intact and provides shelter for a range of marine life including octopus.  Within the winch section there is often a moray eel hiding!


34.77782, 32.39624


12 metres


Only accessible by boat

Dive Type

Wreck, Reef, Sandy Bottom